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With the User Directory Module for DotNetNuke you can search easily for your DotNetNuke users and display information like names, telephone numbers or all other profile data.

Like it more easy? Try the Telerik based Easy User Directory (branch) - 01.00.00

With both modules you can easily provide a member directory, dealer directory or phonebook.

Key features of the original User Directory:

  • Full text search for all profile properties
  • Fast: AJAX enabled
  • Schedule task to fill cache object (to handle thousands of users)
  • Search target group (members of a role)
  • Search scope (profile data)
  • Result scope
  • Link to DNN User Profiles
  • Template based Detail Page
  • vCard Export
  • Link to Column Type
  • Filtered Records AND Search
  • Show All Records AND Search
  • Directory Template
  • Template: MaxLen Function
  • HTML Decode
  • SEO
  • Help/Tooltips
  • Filter by Role Dates
  • Localized column headers



Developed since February 2006; staffed by ITM

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