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[Profile:Photo] and DNN 7.4

Hi, I use User Directory on a website, and display the picture with "fileticket=[Profile:Photo]" It worked perfectly for month but since 7.4 (maybe 7.3.4), it displays just the pictures inserted ...

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Default setting for roles in the User Module

Currently, we have a user that when she creates new roles, they appear in all of her directory modules, where they have a default of Add. She wants to know if there is a way to have it to default t...

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Issues Sorting After Update

After applying the most current version of the User Directory Module the sort capabilities no longer function. I can no longer get the default view to sort on a field that I have defined in the "S...

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Server Error in '/' Application.

I am getting this error message, although the it did not give me any error message while ininstalling the module. The DNN is 7.2.2 CE Server Error in '/' Application. Data is Null. This method...

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certain fields redacted ******* in template

I have a private user directory filtered by Role. How do I get the content to show up? Currently certain fields (email, phone, country) are redacted ********** instead of showing. Role is assigned ...

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Getting answers

Is there a place we can actually go to get answers to problems? I notice many people ask questions and most are not answered. Any help

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Search Module not working

Hello, I am using dn search module in dnn 712 & it's not shoiwng any result after search. Please suggest me how to fix this issue. It's very urgent. Thanks in advance.

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Module is not working after Update to DNN 7.1.0

I have previously used User Directory 1.1.x. Then I updated from DNN 7.0.5 to 7.1.0 and I got the following error message on the Member List: DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.ModuleLoadException: D:\...

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User directory search not working under DNN7

Search is not working and displays "No results" only for all fields / text search. Any help is much appreciated.

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DataType Date Formatting

Hi How can one format the display of a Profile Property with DataType Date. For example, [UserProfile:Birthdate|dd MMMM]??? Thanks, Olan

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