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[Profile:Photo] and DNN 7.4



I use User Directory on a website, and display the picture with "fileticket=[Profile:Photo]"

It worked perfectly for month but since 7.4 (maybe 7.3.4), it displays just the pictures inserted before 7.4, not the new one inserted in the profile.

I have noticed that the number of [Profile:Photo] before was under 1000 (I have something like 500 profiles), but since 7.4, each time I insert pictures, their number is much greater than 1000.

Can you confirm this is a problem?
<img src="[Profile:Photo]&portalid=0" style="width:100px; float:left; margin-right:10px;" border="0"/>


objectifservices wrote May 22, 2015 at 1:09 PM

In case somebody is intereted...

If Profile:Photo is higher that 1000, it doesn't displau anymore the picture. I couldn't find why.

So I found another solution:

<a href="Detail.aspx?nUserid=[Profile:Userid]">
<img src="profilepic.ashx?userId=[Profile:Userid]" style="width:100px; float:left; margin-right:10px;" border="0"/> </a>